What to Expect When You Are Expecting … A Holiday Home Remodel!


Thinking of renovating your home during the holidays but not sure what to expect? Though not for the faint of heart, it certainly can be done with the right expectations in place. Here are some tips to help make this process smooth for both you and your project team.


#1 Have all your selections in place.

The more decisions you make ahead of time the less headache and chance of decision fatigue you will face during construction. Yes, it’s real and it has the potential to compromise your project. But don’t worry, this is where your interior designer has your back! We are here to help make the decision process easy by breaking the process down into bite size pieces and building the decisions on each other. So, before you know it, all the major decisions are made before a hammer is even lifted!


#2 Communication is always key!

In the early stage of the remodel, discuss a schedule that works for both you and the contractor before things really get started. Always be upfront about your thoughts and feelings. If something is not working or coming along as you have pictured, discuss the options with your contractor and be willing to compromise if needed. Decide on a designated space that you are happy with for the contractor to keep stock and tools that are not being used during off-hours to help limit the spread of construction debris and materials into spaces of refuge during your project. These initial conversations at the start of the project will help to ease remodel stress and keep everyone will be on the same page.


#3 Find comfort in the secondary spaces in your home.

Let’s say your scope of work entails the kitchen, if you have a lower-level wet bar, utilize it as a temporary kitchen with crockpots, Instantpots, toaster ovens, or hot plates. We’ve had clients tell us everyone should live in their lower level at some point to really understand what kind of experience they are creating for their guests. If you are having your laundry room renovated, ask your contractor to make a cart with wheels under your washer and dryer so they can be easily moved if needed. 

Lastly, be flexible and realistic. Murphy’s Law finds a way to sneak into every project in some capacity, so if you’re used to hosting at your home for the holidays, take joy in being a guest for once and letting someone else host this year. After all, you can host next year in your brand new space!

Although 2020 has not been the year most of us expected it would be, we hope you are able to take the time to reflect on the good and spend time with those who mean the most. As always, we are here to help you with your project needs. Happy Holidays and Remodeling!

xxx The Speas Team

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