Specifications & Project Management

Robert Burns said it best: “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” Having a plan for your next project is important, but it’s essential to manage that project from its inception to its final execution. You need project management to bring the plan to fruition; we are here to help. When you choose to work with us, a design coordinator will be with you every step, from initial design to final installation. We handle every interior design specification, from largest to smallest. Here are some of the things that fall under our project management umbrella.

Material & Color Palette Selection

Colors and patterns are about more than just aesthetic beauty: Colors can affect the feel of a room and the mood of the people who inhabit it. Different patterns can evoke different feelings. The various textures of materials can be welcoming or off-putting. When you work with a design coordinator, this is all considered. They will work with you to determine your personal preferences and the mood you want to create. From there, the design coordinator will create a palette of colors and materials we will use throughout your home. As part of our project management services, we will ensure that this palette is followed during all stages of the design process.

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Reflected Ceiling Plans, Lighting Design, & Fixture Selection

Lighting is often overlooked, but at Speas Interior Design, we consider it a vital part of every interior design. Lighting not only creates spaces for you to work and allows you to see, but you can also use it to highlight important parts of your home design. We will create a vibrant lighting design that meets your interior design specifications. Then a design coordinator will help you select the perfect fixtures to match your lighting requirements and aesthetic style.

Furniture, Art, & Accessory Selection & Placement

Interior design project management is about the large items and the small items. When it comes to the interior of your home, we will help you find it all, from large sectionals to tiny decorative trinkets. Every single one of those elements adds up to a fully realized interior design. We will not only help you decide what art or accessories match your plan, but we will also help you place them in a way that makes sense with the flow of your home. Because we take our interior design project management seriously, we always ensure that the items you select fit with your overall design and the material and color palette you designed.

Order Tracking, Delivery Coordination & Quality Control

Designing, selecting, and purchasing items are all crucial steps of interior design project management, but the process doesn’t stop there. We follow through with order tracking to ensure that each item arrives on time. Then we coordinate the delivery to ensure that each item goes to the correct location. We also run quality control on every item to ensure they meet your interior design specifications.

Specify, Supply, & Install

Once deliveries have arrived, our design coordinators will also oversee the installation. We follow the interior design specifications created as part of your initial floorplans, lighting design, and furniture placement. The design coordinator will ensure that all supplies have been received and every single item is accounted for.

Design Coordination & Site Inspection

Another project management service we offer is site inspection and design coordination. We will partner with all other contractors, designers, builders, and professionals who are part of your new home design or remodel to coordinate each procedure step. This includes coordinating a site inspection to ensure that plans have been followed and the construction or remodel progress correctly. At every step, we strive to meet your interior design specifications.

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At Speas Interior Design, we know your home’s importance, so we strive to provide the best interior design services in the Colorado Springs area. Our experienced team can assist with every step of the interior design process, whether it is new construction, a complete remodel, or just replacing furniture to update your aesthetic. We also carry a selection of decor items, including window treatments, rugs, furniture, and bedding.

Speas Interior Design is a family-owned and operated company, and we strive to make every customer feel like part of our family. We value strong communication, problem-solving, and individual attention. Our showroom is located in Colorado Springs. We proudly serve the surrounding area, including Monument, Black Forest, West Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Knob Hill, Fort Carson, and Old Colorado City, Colorado.

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