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Each project is as unique as the people who are a part of it. Tailoring a project to your preferred styles and unique qualities is our specialty. Click on each image below to see all the projects within that style.


Home of bringing the outdoors in, Colorado style is unique to those who enjoy life at high altitude. Rustic elements, natural and manmade materials juxtaposed with spectacular views add a Colorado twist.

Mountain Modern

Clean straight lines blend harmoniously into the environment, setting Mountain Modern apart. Natural materials mixed with interesting patterns and forms provide a sense of intrigue.

Modern Craftsman

Combining the beloved attention to detail with the streamlined look of modern create a timeless look. A variety of wood species meticulously crafted together bring the warmth of the Craftsman style we love.

Greek Retreat

Simple forms with perfect symmetry evoke and rejoice the complexity achieved by The Ancient Greeks. Subtle colors, natural stone and a breathtaking view celebrate where the relaxing lifestyle began.

Mountain Transitional

Stunning views, soft lines, combined with natural and man made materials transition the past to present with ease.

Cozy Cottage

Bright white and cheery. Simple wood profiles are enhanced with white paint, making the old feel new again. A close juxtaposition with the raw natural world is accented by the delight of a cozy cottage.

Modern Industrial

Raw materials, clean lines, and a touch of warmth evoke respect for the beginning of forever. Metals caressed in appreciation for their strength and natural beauty curve to the streamline of the present and future.

Historic Arts & Crafts

Time has no boundary as the beauty is found in the details. Creaks, groans, and squeaks are encouraged. A time before duck tape when a can of oil solves everything.

New Mexico Style

Warm cheerful colors are expressed through intricate geometric patterned handwoven textiles. Large wooden Vigas and posts join smooth plastered walls, adorned with niches to accentuate meaningful collectibles.

Old World

Hand forged metal, earthy tones, and delicate curves. Fantasies of the past come to life through rich textiles and intricate candelabras. OLD WORLD REVIVAL Take a step out of reality, and step into the warmth of a home filled with mouthwatering meals on the stove and satiating wine in your glass, while you relax in […]


Each terrain can be transformed into a flowering oasis with the correct plant species, care, and inviting seating areas. Planters act as focal points and railings for safety.