T.E.A.M: The Foundation of a Successful Remodel

It’s safe to say that a successful remodel project will produce a quality product with quality materials, delivered on time and on budget. The best way to obtain these deliverables is by backing the project with the right team to get the best results and experience. Your team includes, contractors, electricians, plumbers, and of course your designer!  In order to help make sure you are backing your project with the right team we’ve broken out some tips into a lovely little acronym: T.E.A.M.


Trust your designer

They are a head orchestrator in your project, handling the communication between you and those literally building it.  You hired them to help think of the details, to answer the hard questions with your project goal in mind.  Let them be of value to you and be an advocate for you.  The designer is going to be the number one decision maker on the job and will likely have to answer some hot ticket questions in your absence. This same trust should be evident in the team you hire.  If it doesn’t seem like the team trusts each other, how can you trust them?  Conflicts within the team can create delays and increase your budget. In order to get a true sense of the team’s dynamic, make sure you…


ENGAGE with the team

A home remodel is incredibly invasive we are coming into your personal spaces and may end up being your new “roomies” for several months.  It’s important that we can engage comfortably from the beginning.  The more openly we communicate, the better the product will be.  This also means asking a ton of questions and educating yourself on the right questions to ask.  We love questions.  It helps us make sure no corners are missed, and it helps us determine what is most important to you.  For instance, if you are consistently asking questions about how bright the space will feel, we will keep you heavily involved in light fixture selections/locations and be sure the design maximizes daylight.  Engaging with the team is easy in theory, but along the way you must remember to…

APPROACH the team fearlessly. 

Don’t be shy, let us know if you are concerned about something, or if you don’t quite understand the plans. It may seem that some terms in construction and design should be common sense; after all, everyone does at least a little design work in their homes without the assistance of a professional.  However, we study floor plans and use construction jargon daily, we’ve spent years learning and studying the methods so of course we do not expect you to know it all!  We are eager to help you understand and make sure you are comfortable from start to finish.  Not only are we here to help you grasp the process, but we are also able to help…


MINIMIZE the risks

It may be tempting to use your neighbor’s son’s roommate as an electrician, because you can get a “good deal”. However, be careful when you are piecemealing your team with your personal connections.  If you hire someone separately on the project, the contract you have with your builder and designer does not apply to them.  What may have saved you a couple bucks has now placed a load of responsibility on your shoulders.  Let your design-build team be the well-oiled machine they have spent years refining. Let us help keep your project on budget, on schedule, and have you feeling proud of your home!

Remember our acronym for a successful project:


TRUST your designer.
ENGAGE with the team.
APPROACH the team fearlessly.
MINIMIZE the risks.

xxx The Speas Team

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