Spice Up Your Entertainment Area with LED Lighting

LED tape lights also beautifully highlight the glass art.

LEDs are the latest thing in lighting design.  They are efficient, durable, and the only bulbs that can actually change colors. While it is true that upfront cost for LEDs is higher than traditional bulbs, in the long run you will have lower power bills and much longer lasting bulbs. Houzz. com states that LEDs can typically last 25,000 hours and use 75% less energy than tradition incandescent bulbs! The other unique feature of LEDs is that they emit light in a specific direction, unlike incandescent or fluorescent that emit light in all directions. 

 The entertainment room in green lighting.

 The entertainment room in amber lighting.

There is a variety of options when working with LED lighting including LED tape lights, LED strip lights, and LED puck Lights. For this project, we installed color changing LED tape for this remodel as it is flexible, allows for different levels of brightness, casts different hues and is easy to install. 

We also used back-lit frosted art glass with LED lighting to separate the exercise room from the stairway.

 LEDs are also being used to create stunning and unique new chandelier designs.


Two examples of unique LED Chandeliers from CAI Denver Design Center.

As you can see a unique way to change up a stale space is to incorporate LED lighting.  If you are wanting a change consider back-lighting cabinetry to highlight an area, adding the ability to change a rooms coloring, or putting in statement piece new LED chandelier! 

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