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Fall is around the corner with pumpkin spice everything and usually… the trek back to school.  But, for some, normal day to day life doesn’t look or function like it used to. The pencils still need to be sharpened but you might not be sending your children out the door this school year. To top it off, you may have found yourself working your job more remotely which means your home is suddenly serving as a classroom, a conference room, and an office – all on top of its usual functions!  To help ease some of these growing pains, we have a few easy home updates for you.

Put yourself first

Distractions are inevitable when your home is a school AND a place of business. With managing the responsibilities of your job, your children, and household in one place, you’ll want your own space where you can feel productive and concentrate. It’s easy to focus solely on creating a classroom space for your family (see below) but what about YOU?! Finding an impromptu place to plop your laptop every free moment you have might not create the most efficient work environment. So, we suggest finding the quietest corner in your house to make your own and add a few personal touches. Invest in a comfortable chair and some ergonomic solutions so your new workspace doesn’t damage your health and wellness. If you find yourself needing some assistance planning and implementing your peaceful and comfortable space – you know who to reach out to for help (hint, us)! 


Build a Creative Classroom

Classrooms, especially for younger children, are engaging and highly organized little work/play zones. Try your best to mimic some classroom features you’ve noticed at your kid’s schools.  One example would be organizational solutions. Have specific and labeled spots for art and craft supplies in easy to use bins so that kids can take out materials and pick up after.  Try painting a wall with chalkboard paint (aesthetically fun and functional) or invest in a whiteboard so they can work out that difficult math problem. If you have preteens or teenagers, consider setting up a space closer resembling your own.  Make a quiet spot in their bedroom feel extra special with a few new desk accessories and some pens they’ve picked out. And don’t forget to make it comfy, ergonomic solutions aren’t just for adults. Afterall, we begin to form poor posture in our early years!


Move Your Bodies

When building the classroom, it’s also important to think about how you can incorporate movement into learning.  Consider climbing walls with elevated structures and rope ladders to allow the kids to develop physically while lost in play. Or even a slide with an integrated playhouse for the kids to run laps around each other.  For relaxation & decompression, think about flexible furniture that molds into various shapes and sizes.  Encourage stretching and meditation with a mat and props nearby for some impromptu yoga.  A hanging a cuddle swing could also be a great escape for those much needed breaks throughout the day.    


We hope this inspired you in claiming back the sanity of your home – working, living, and schooling during COVID-19 has its challenges.  We talked about a lot of big picture items in this post, but we’d be so happy to help you work out specific details in your home.  You know where to find us. 

xxx The Speas Team

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