Guest Bedroom Ideas

Colors can vary in a guest bedroom, but I usually stay with the theme of the rest of the house.  We recently finished a guest bedroom with taupe and yellows, along with white and grays; which are cheerful yet can be dramatic and sensual.  A lot of people like to use soft blues, beiges and greens in bedrooms as they are restful and calming colors.

A practical use of space for a guest bedroom is doubling it as an office – if desks are kept neat. When a Murphy bed is used, you can also double the room as an exercise or yoga room.  Of course, it can also be used by a spouse that is restless or not sleeping well.

Most important – the mattress must be comfortable! Twin beds work great for kids, while king and queen beds work well for couples.  They all work for individuals – it just depends on the size of the room and the needs of most of your guests. If you have more than one guest room, I would suggest one room with twin beds and one with king or queen.

Nice design touches are soft bedding in layers so that guests don’t get to hot or cold. A bench at the foot of the bed is great to set the bedding on when not needed. A chair or chairs are good to have in case a guest wants to read or relax or just sit down to put their shoes on. I like to have a TV in the guest room, so a guest can get away if they want some quiet time to themselves. Black out shades or draperies are good as guests could be coming from different time zones and have trouble sleeping.  Good lighting for reading in bed is also important.  A nice clock that is not lit up helps as well. A chest is not necessary if there are drawers in the closet; and I do think it is nice for guests to unpack their suitcase.  Make sure there are plenty of empty hangers in the closet for a guest to hang their clothes. An iron with an ironing board is a nice touch if you have an extra. A table or night tables also help for setting items down. A vanity to sit at to apply makeup with a magnified make up mirror is a nice touch if you don’t have one in the guest bath.

Guest rooms are made welcoming by adding scented real or LED candles, dimmable lighting, fresh flowers and soft throws.  Luxurious linen or cotton sheets freshly washed, and down or polysilk pillows are wonderful additions for guests.  Washable duvet covers work well for suites.  Don’t forget art for the walls too – never leave them bare. A Keurig coffee maker is a great way to keep guests self-sufficient with coffee, tea or hot chocolate.  Remember the more amenities they have, the less time you spend waiting on or entertaining them. The ultimate guest suites should be as pleasant as staying at a boutique hotel.

The spa. The ideal guest bedroom has a spa bath to go with it.  At Speas Interior Design, one of our guest spas that we designed included a soaking tub and partial glass panel, to create a “wet room” like in European hotels.  A guest wanting a luxurious bath or a hot shower can enjoy this bath.  Of course, a heated floor and heated towel bars complete the comfort. Another guest bath we designed had an aromatherapy and Chroma therapy steam shower and separate dressing room with vessel sinks.  The use of mosaic tiles, heated floors and towel bars were used again. You can also include a bidet commode seat.  Blow dryers, toiletries and extra toothbrushes and toothpaste are always a nice touch.

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