Creating Your Dream Home: Quarantine Edition


Wow, have we been spending a lot of time at home! Spending so many hours staring at these walls may have you thinking about some changes.  Maybe you have been cringing as you see your home broadcasted on your Zoom conference calls, thinking “does it really look this bare and boring?”  Or perhaps you need your space to function a bit differently, given your home now serves as an office and a schoolroom?  To alleviate the daydreaming, overspending, and over stressing, we thought we’d throw out a few tips on planning projects for your home. 


Look at the Big Picture

Arguably, the most important quality of a home is it its functionality.  Does your space allow you to complete all the tasks you need to function in your new daily life?  

Here are just a few thought starters:

  • Is it flexible enough to allow you to adapt to working or schooling from home?
    Maybe you need some help with some furniture layouts to create a more adaptable space.


  • What rooms do you find yourself using most often?
    Are there any rooms you are not using at all? Maybe we need to revisit the function of these rooms. Your formal dining room may end up being a better study room (or bar!).


  • Is there a room or space that is constantly untidy?
    Perhaps you need some organizational solutions.

Make a list of these spaces you see need help so we can dissect them a bit and…


Determine the Mood

You don’t need to determine at this point if you are drawn more to an industrial, mountain, or farmhouse look.  Thinking narrowly on themes can destroy the momentum of determining your project scope.  Instead, think about how the functions of the space relate to the feeling of it. 

For example, you may need to set up an office area that has a focused and stimulating, yet serene mood.  Maybe you have a new home gym area that needs to feel energized and invigorating.  Perhaps you find yourself unable to lay easy at night and need the bedroom to have a more calming and peaceful mood.  Analyzing the spaces should help you with the next step.



So, you found out that you hate the mood and function of almost every room in your house and it all needs to be changed.  You also realized that you don’t feel comfortable investing in a whole-home remodel.  Don’t throw it all away yet.  Instead, look at the information you’ve put together so far and prioritize the rooms to see which should come first.  If you’ve noticed you’ve put a lot more thought into one room, put that at the top of the list.  If you find yourself torn, ask another household member or common household guest what their candid thoughts are on the spaces.  Adjacency of spaces can also determine priority.  For instance, if you are remodeling your open concept kitchen, it may be smart to make those great room changes too.  Lastly, let’s not forget to…


Have Fun!

Okay, now for the fun part!  At this point, you should have some clear direction on what you’d like to happen to your home.  Take some of the key words and moods you wrote down for the space and start the image search.  For instance, “calming and peaceful bedroom”.  As you are searching, this will be when you find out about your own personal style.  Perhaps you are gravitating towards a few different styles – save them all!  That’s what makes your style authentically you – and we’re here to help it look fabulous.

We hope you found this helpful – and we sincerely hope everyone is staying happy and healthy.  When you feel safe and ready to tackle your projects, we are just a call away.  xxx


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