Colorful Front Doors

Front DoorsThe key to working with bold colors according to is to limit them to elements you really want to stand out, which makes the front door the ideal place to feature a vibrant color. Then select supporting hues for the rest of the house that don’t try to compete for attention.

A bright green front door shouts “Come on in!” and works nicely with the natural wood siding or shades of taupe or gray.

Consider a turquoise door against the dark sage-green house color with white door trim for a look that’s fun and crisp.

Orange doors are HOT right now. Cool them down by pairing them with gray hues that have a bit of green in them.

Red doors look fantastic on just about every house style, from traditional to contemporary. Let the door remain the star by keeping the main house color neutral, ranging from white to cooler taupes or to gray. The cooler neutrals won’t compete with the red, but instead will offer a nice, contrasting background.

The main thing to remember when incorporating color in your front door to have some fun with your accent color (your door) but keep the palate (the body of your home) neutral so it won’t fight with or become too busy against the front door color. 

Happy Painting!

Katherine Speas, Speas Interior Design, is an award winning Colorado Springs Interior Designer and an expert at incorporating color into your life!  For a personal color consultation, email Kathy at

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