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An award winning Colorado Springs Interior Designer

Katherine Speas, ASID, takes interior design to a new level with Speas Interior Design.  An award winning Colorado Springs interior designer since 1982, Kathy offers light commercial and residential interior design in Colorado.  A full service interior designer, Kathy takes a hands on approach to all projects with an emphasis on architectural design, space planning, and material design that take one’s space from ordinary to extraordinary!

“Living Design”, a design method coined by Speas, incorporates how one lives in their home with their personality. With over 25 years of experience, “Living Design” starts with a master design plan focusing on a clients’ vision, needs, personality, and budget then melding them with creativity and flair to create distinctive office or home interiors that come to life.

One of Colorado Springs most sought after designers, Kathy’s services range from simple design projects that transform a house to a home to full blown remodeling and construction projects completed with husband and business partner, Andy Sikora.  As Sikora and Speas, Andy and Kathy, dramatically change their projects from average spaces into chic works of art that offer style, comfort, and livability.


Featured Blog Post

Making Use of Small Spaces

Interior Designer Katherine Speas was interviewed for the following article written by Kim Cook.  Making Use of Small Spaces was published in The Colorado Springs Gazette's - Home and Garden Section on Saturday, July 5, 2014. 

For many young people, a first apartment might be a cramped studio or a bedroom in a shared living arrangement. Juggling that room's living, dining and sleeping spaces requires creativity.

Simple design can make small chic - and livable, said Kathy Speas, owner of Speas Interior Design. The clean, spare lines of minimalist design could be just the ticket.

"Keep clutter to a minimum because if you have a bunch of little things everywhere, it'll feel cluttered, small," said Speas, who has decorated Colorado Springs interiors for 30 years.

A few good rules of thumb from Speas:


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