As the Speas Team mascots, Harvey, take his job very seriously on the jobsite and in the office. He is a key part of the team
Harvey Crumb Patrol Officer at Speas Interior Design near Colorado Springs, Colorado (CO)


Crumb Patrol Officer

Harvey is the official Speas Interior Design Crumb Patrol Officer and is happy to greet everyone who visits the showroom with a wiggly behind. When Harvey is not rolled over waiting for belly rubs, he can be found playing fetch, chewing on his bone, or waiting for you to conveniently drop crumbs from your lunch. Few people can resist his charm and end up giving this ham loads of attention.


Pulling all stops to roll over within arms reach to ensure a proper belly rub, from any and all visitors.


Harvey’s passions include tug of war, tearing apart stuffed animals, and of course, belly rubs.  He also loves a good pounce through the snow on a cold winter day.  You might catch him sneaking a sip of your coffee if you leave it unintended, so take guard!