Allison Bremmer


Allison has always had a flair for the creative.  As a toddler, it was expressed through intense coloring sessions and an obsession with Bob Ross’ “The Joy of Painting”.  As a child, she started to express it through interior design; this included rearranging her room about once a month and writing fan letters to her favorite “star” designers.  Carrying into adulthood, Allison attended Colorado State University for her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with an emphasis on painting and printmaking.  She later received a second degree from Colorado State, a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design.  Falling in love with all things design, she has had extensive experience in Northern Colorado in the commercial and hospitality sector of interior design.  She is elated to bring her love for design and her creative skills to the Colorado Springs area.


Carrying with her a fine-toothed comb, Allison has an eye for detail and an eye for design. Collaborating with the client and cultivating the unique project vision, she loves being able to express this vision through drawings, renderings, and material palettes.  With a keen ability to see both the big picture, as well as the parts that compose it, she ensures this vision is carried from project conception to completion.


Besides interior design, painting, and drawing, Allison also loves live music (but don’t ask her to play).  She is known to be creative in the kitchen, concocting and experimenting with new recipes and techniques.   She loves a good recharge outside- hiking, camping, or rollerblading!  If she’s not playing outside, you’ll catch her in a yoga studio, soaking up the humid heat.  





  • BFA in Painting, Colorado State University
  • BS in Interior Design, Colorado State University