Just Like Waistlines During the Holiday, the Speas Design Team is Growing!

Don’t worry, this isn’t a dieting blog.  Rather, there have been some exciting changes happening at the Speas Interior design team!  With this, we thought it would be a good time to re-introduce the existing team as well as give a good introduction to the new faces.

Get to know the team

Let’s start of course, with the woman who started it all, Kathy Speas.  Full of ambition, Kathy came to Colorado Springs ­­­­40 years ago with a design degree from Iowa State.  Before this midwestern girl became the designer that she is today, she worked directly under other design and building professionals.  She quickly knew she was fully capable of living her own American dream and starting her very own company.  At first, she started big, with her own showroom, warehouse, and the 3,000 square foot burden that came with it.  As any good designer learns, you need to focus your career on a few key strengths and offerings, and that’s exactly what she did.  Specializing in custom residential homes was a no-brainer for Kathy given her infectious personality, creative ideas, and eye for architecture.  Given her accomplishments, it isn’t a surprise she has been able to build this business while still being a mother!

Which brings us to her daughter Courtney Sikora, who came barreling into this world after her older brother Jake.  Growing up in a design-build family gave her a reason to rebel at first, rejecting this idea of becoming a designer like her momma.  Anyone who comes from a family business knows the madness that comes with it, so can you blame her?  But of course, her story changes as she grew older and she was able to flourish at Colorado State University and later gain some perspective working in a commercial design studio.  This time away from home made things a bit clearer for Courtney, bringing her bright mind back to Colorado Springs and into the family business.  This ambition must be genetic, because Courtney has been killing it since her return.  She’s been able to take what she’s learned from her business minor and smooth out some wrinkles at Speas, she’s been continuing her education by crushing the NCIDQ (we’ll touch more on that later), remodeled her 1950’s home, and most recently, has been wrangling her new puppy.

And that brings us to the most exciting introduction, Harvey Sikora.  This mini Australian shepherd loves running through the grass or snow, bullying Kathy’s pup Bentley, and shooting jealous stares to anyone who may not be giving this adorable puppy the attention he rightfully deserves!  We are so happy to add another little furball to the team, just in time for the influx of holiday packages that must be checked for quality control!

Although practical, but certainly less exciting, Speas has also added another Senior Interior Designer to the team.  Allison Bremmer comes from Northern Colorado after years of experience in the commercial/hospitality sector of interior design.  This included working for an interior architecture firm, government agency, and an office furniture dealer.  Now, don’t worry, she won’t be suggesting cubicles as a solution to combat noise in your open living layout.  Instead, she carries with her the knowledge and practice she’s gained in space planning, project management, and adding that creative flair to turn any type of project into something beautiful and practical.  She has two bachelor’s degrees from Colorado State University, where she met Courtney and became fast friends.  She is so happy to be out of the North and down South where the mountains are taller and the traffic is…still bad.  

It is so rewarding to watch the team grow with a new senior designer and fur friend to lend a hand (or paw) in the office.  Keep an eye out for these little shadows as they learn from some of the best, Kathy & Courtney, and make sure to give Allison a hard time for joining a family business. 

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