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Los Ang

Pacific Design Center

Scandinavian Design  Sculptural Danish furniture and Scandinavian white painted floors.

Artisans and Custom Work  Designers and their clients are excited by the growing interest in young, entrepreneurial artisans. LA is full of talented people who are hand crafting beautiful, unique objects (lighting, ceramics, textiles), and  the design world is paying more attention to these smaller producers. Layering special objects into a space gives it so much character and interest.

Brass is Back  There is growing popularity in having brass taps and fittings in bathrooms, brass tables and coffee tables in living spaces, even brass-framed lighting and chandeliers. That subtle golden glow is timeless but again very modern. It is being seen as a revival of a classic.

Fashion Inspired  Fashion is become a huge source of inspiration. From mixing bold patterns and color to make something uniquely beautiful to the monochromatic look; the all-black ensemble with just the perfect accent color or piece of jewelry. So why not, for example, carry your wall cover onto the trim, base boards, doors throughout the room or rooms in a home?  Black on black on black has become quite sought after…just like the little black dress.

Technology-Driven Design  Computer generated fabric prints and wallpapers are hugely on trend. Through technology there is the ability to create custom prints and patterns from a designer or client’s own computer.



Arizona Design Center

Comfortable Outdoors  The desire for comfort has extended beyond the interior by focusing on making outdoor spaces just as livable as the rooms inside the home. Selecting resilient, yet stylish fabric is key – it must be durable enough to withstand intense sun, but look and feel like a fabric that could be used indoors.

Streamlined Comfort  Trendy streamline furniture with clean lines and straight edges remain popular, but also durablility and comfortable pieces are coming into focus. Contrary to the past, designers are aiming to make every room in their clients’ homes livable and functional, even the formal living room.

The Resurgence of Wallpapers  Designers are integrating striking wall coverings into their projects as bold expressions of the individual client and a brilliantly creative alternatives to paint.

Multi-dimensional Artwork  Utilizing colorful artwork to make bold statements, rather than using them as an overlooked background element. Art is no longer restricted to a flat canvas; designers have been placing three-dimensional pieces on walls to create an updated style of artwork. Free-form sculpture has become especially popular for adding a playful, unconventional element into any room.



Design Center at Merchandise Mart

Rich Fabrics Instead of woven textures of cotton and linen, think of luxurious velvets, sumptuous suede and textured corduroy. Fabrics that are sophisticated yet durable and can hold up to the darker color schemes.

Modern with Classic Prints  Floral patterns are in. Use a bold approach and mix patterns in a new way. Look for funky takes on classic chintz and toile for a fresh look.

No More Matchy/Matchy  Harmonious colors don’t have to match and the same is true for pattern finishes. Bring different colors, textures and finishes into spaces.

Thinking Outside the Style Box  No longer place styles in fixed categories like traditional, rustic or country. The 2014 home represents an eclectic mix of styles. Pick items that speak to clients individually.

Meaningful Accessories  Less is more when it comes to decorative objects displayed in the home. Leave behind kitschy and purposeless accessories. Choose objects, artwork and photos with personal significance.

Light-toned Woods  Caramel and honey-toned wood is back. The softer look blends with any design style and keeps furniture from feeling heavy.


new york

New York Design Center

Window sheers: The popularity of heavy drapes is drooping. They provide greater transparency and more light.  Materials are no longer granny-ish and polyester, but in linen and wool look rich.  Also consider dressing up sheer panels with inverted box pleats for a more tailored, masculine look.

Corduroy upholstery:  Considered a casual alternative to velvet and the preppy version of chenille.  The wider the wale, the gutsier the statement.

Venetian marbled-paper prints: Found on the end papers of old books, these intricately swoopy patterns evoke the romanticism of a bygone, pre-digital era.  The prints are seeing a renaissance on everything from the chicest of wallpaper to finely silk-screened linens and gold-leafed porcelain.

Deco hues: Color has been nudging gray and greige out of the picture, but, for many designers, bright primary shades can still feel too strong. Instead, consider rose quartz, amethyst, topaz, olive, whiskey and raisin…Colors that appear to be filtered through smoke and sunlight.

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